Hope for Smiles Global foundation is an organization driven on divine conviction that aims at uplifting the standards of vulnerable women and the needy, orphaned and abandoned children in different remote areas of the country.

We also focuses on different projects like changing the lives of the women economically by training them with real life survival skills, evangelism to all parts of the country, feeding the hungry, giving shelter to the homeless, educating the vulnerable children and giving Hope to the hopeless. The organisation consists of a dynamic and committed team who believe in the future of vulnerable people and work together with volunteers who are proud to be part of the Foundation. 

Our Vision:

To empower women and transform the lives of the needy children.

Our Mission:

To curb down on the high rate of illiteracy and unemployment, equipping a generation of transformational leaders.

Our core values

  • Accountability; we take responsibility for using our resources efficiently and being accountable to supporters, volunteers and partners.
  • Equal Opportunity; we give equal opportunity to every one regardless of race or ethnic background.
  • Integrity; we aspire to live to the highest standards of personal honesty and behavior, we never compromise our reputation.
  • Team work
  • Transparency
  • Excellence


  • We build skills and reach out to the poor communities and give hope to the hopeless.
  • We take care of the youth especially the dropouts and the orphans and empower them economically.
  • We do community development projects aiming at transforming the lives of the vulnerable women and the needy children by feeding the hungry, providing shelter to the homeless, educating children, extending clean water to gazette areas, evangelism to give hope and build skills for survival.
  • We help improve the food supply, farming practices and finances of families so they can feed and provide for their. 


We help vulnerable women and children in remote villages of the country by providing support for education, economic empowerment, food and other social benefits.