We believe that one of the greatest differences we can make in Uganda is in providing sustainable access to clean water.  As you read the real life success stories below, you will clearly understand why and how we undertake our Village Water Projects, and you will also discover how you can help to save and improve lives through the gift of clean water.

WHY WATER?: Because there is a lack of clean water in many rural villages in Uganda, water-borne and water-based diseases are a primary cause of preventable illness and premature deaths, with children being particularly vulnerable. In addition, during the dry season, hundreds of collective hours can be spent each week in transporting this unclean water, by hand, from surface water sources such as rivers and swamps to the villages; this same time could be spent doing more productive activities, such as attending buycialisonlineworldwidestore.com school or growing crops. The partnership effort to install a well in each village immediately improves the health and well-being of everyone in the village, even saving lives. In addition to health benefits and resulting increased productivity, the local water source allows for a reallocation of time toward more productive activities, as well as allowing for cultivation of vegetable crops throughout the year through irrigation. It can also provide a source of revenue that will be used to increase the quality of life in the village, including education, medical care, and access to technology.